1960s UK Swiss Luxury Fake Heuer Autavia Ref. 2446C

I’m a completist by nature. When I stumble upon something I’m interested in, my immediate response is to dream about getting every variant of said thing. Recently, for example, I bought a late 1980s Swatch, and all of the sudden, I was wondering where I would store, in my one-bedroom Manhattan apartment, the presumably hundreds of vintage Swatch watches that were to come. Somehow, I do a good job of mentally (and financially) pulling myself back in. I still have just the one ’80s Swatch – at least for now.

It wasn’t until Talking Watches with Jeff Stein that I understood, became interested in, and craved the Heuer Autavia. Seeing Jeff’s table and watch roll full of so many little variants of this flagship Heuer chronograph, like the screw-back “all lume” dial, “flat V” and “pointed V” automatic Autavias, and “Orange Boy” ref. 1163, satisfied my completist tendencies. When this Heuer Autavia ref. 2446C replica with black dial arrived in the office, I was reminded of all those little details and the many different variants that floored me back in 2016 when watching that episode of Talking Watches.

This particular variant combines two of my favorite details of early manual-wind Autavias, with a “Rindt”-style dial and an EPSA compressor-style case. The “Rindt” dial epitomizes the TAG Heuer Autavia copy with steel case as the watch of choice for race car drivers, named after Formula One champion Jochen Rindt, who selected a screw-back ref. 2446 with a similar dial layout for his personal watch, on and off the track. On the other hand, the EPSA compressor case shows Heuer’s commitment to offering the best possible sport fake watch in one of the brand’s flagship products. The compressor technology used here was cutting edge in the 1960s. Condition-wise, this example is really stunning.